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Retravelid was founded in 2016

Retravelid was founded in 2016 by a student who wish to travel a lot by a very minimum budget. In the past he doesn’t believe that traveling needs to spend a lot of money. Back then he often hunting for a cheap flight ticket in the middle of the night since it was mythically believed as the time when the price of flight ticket is on the cheapest during all time of the day. He once got lucky to find a flight ticket from Surabaya to Singapore for IDR 10.000 only, it was a good old 2012. He was always finding a joy every time he got a crazy cheap ticket after the hunting even tough it takes so much to finally win one. Then an idea come across his mind that actually this hunting game of flight ticket is somehow a skill and took a lot of time, and not everyone can do that, so that he came to a decision to build Retravelid to help people find the cheapest price of flight ticket. Now Retravelid is 4 years old small private owned company that sell Flight ticket and Hotel voucher with a competitive price.


We provide cheap flight ticket and hotel voucher for those who hustle with time to find their own cheapest


Re is a prefix with the meaning again, back or it indicates repetition, we wish people to always travel frequently for the purpose of leisure or business. We believe people grow by discovering new places and exploring the unknown. Then as ID, is to indicate that we are originally come from and develop in Indonesia.

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